Bansko is situated on the site of an ancient village inhabited by different cultures as Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Slavs in different eras. Numerous finds of medieval burials, fortresses and tombs bear witness to ancient civilizations in our lands. Near Bansko are the remains of the late medieval churches St. George and St. Elias - monuments of culture. Mountain town, preserved to this day the spirit of rebirth has become one of the most - major European ski resorts in recent years. Bansko still retains its centuries-old history - cobbled streets, stone houses with tall gates and eaves of black fir, thick stone walls. Passing a quiet streets, you can feel the greatness of Pirin throughout the city. Every once visited it returns again and again in the recesses of the Pirin Mountains. Unique atmosphere created by the historic, cultural and architectural heritage of the Bulgarians, amazing cuisine, numerous leisure facilities, modern ski slopes, beautiful scenery and fresh air - all this is part of Bansko. During the summer, the city changed skis with a number of events such as the Summer Theatre Festival, Jazz Fest, Pirin sings Festival Between Three Mountains and many others, who for years attracted thousands of visitors. Cool weather, the beauty of Pirin, many events and concerts of famous artists fill Bansko in the summer with tourists. Bansko attracts numerous tourists not only skiing but also for its monuments Kul ture, numerous museums and permanent ethnographic exhibition and exhibition of iconic painters from Bansko shkola.Edin of the biggest symbols of Bansko is the church "Holy Trinity". The history associated with the church is very interesting and it shows the faith, courage and tenacity that have local Bulgarians during the Renaissance. Local traditional cuisine includes a variety of taste and cooking dishes like - "Banska Kapama," "aboriginal spit", "Chomlek" lamb specialties - barbecue, trivia, home cakes and breads, "Kathy appetizer" bathing kustureta - with kazhely and Checa , dropka, smenka, swimming old man (old woman), black pudding and shuzhuk, pores, tseluvarchi, tsrekulychi, Kukurin, sulovra puree, own sheep's milk - most often topped with honey and blueberry pies, burek.


A blend of modern ski resort, stunning scenery, old town and great atmosphere!

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